Top 10 Moving Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Moving Tips and Tricks

Are you moving? It happens! It's a big part of most people's lives at some point or another. And it's a big pain. Having to organize dates, times, and places, not knowing where any of your stuff is, the hello's, the goodbye's, it can all be a little disorienting. This guide is to ensure you are properly oriented before your move so that you can have as low a stress level as possible. Don't worry, you can thank me later. These are the Top 10 moving tips recommended by experienced moving and storage experts, Value-Self-Storage:moving tips and tricks

    1. Get organized with a checklist: You would be surprised by how many people don't do this. But you will find that having simply one go-to checklist ahead of time will help to ensure that none of the vital stuff is forgotten or overlooked. For instance, transfering utilities, internet, cable and water, are all basics that will make your move much more efficient if you prioritze them ahead of time, instead of handling problems as they come along.

    2. Get rid of all old or unnecessary items: Hoarding is a disease! Get rid of old stuff that you don't need ahead of time. It will be less work for you later down the line, and it's smart. When it comes to moving, less is not more, less is better!

    3. Get boxes ahead of time: It seems a small thing to try and take care of ahead of time, but understand this: No boxes, no moving. You don't want to have to stop the process in the middle of moving, using already scarce time and energy to get boxes. It puts a hold on the whole move, and it's unnecessary. Make sure you have plenty of boxes!

    4. Prioritize items: All items are not created equal. Depending on your individual situation, you may want to move furniture over early, or you may want to leave furniture for last. Use your checklist we spoke about above to prioritize which items should be where.

    5. Have lots of wrapping paper and heavy-duty tape: Like boxes, you will want to have plenty of this stuff lying around. Heavy-duty tape goes a long way in any move.

    6. Clean as you pack: Give yourself a treat. Chances are you’ll be tired when you get to your destination. You’ll be happier moving clean furniture into a new, clean space.

    7. Label your stuff: Keep sharpies near so that all of your boxes will be labeled. This will decrease the disorientation that is common on most moves.

    8. Keep your boxes light: No need to pull a muscle or throw your back out when moving a box, it's simply not worth it. This is why it's important to have lots of extra boxes, instead of trying to fit everything you can into the boxes you have just lying around. It's better to have lots of smaller boxes than a smaller number of larger boxes. A stronger person can always stack the smaller boxes on top of one another to carry larger loads.

    9. Organize either by room or by person: It's better to stay organized from beginning to end. So do at least attempt to separate stuff either by room or by person or by a combination of both. This will simply make everybody's life easier.

    top ten tips - get a dogsitter

    10. Get a babysitter and/or pet sitter: If the kid is not old enough to carry even a light box efficiently, perhaps you may want to consider having somebody watch the child. Kids that can't help move will get in the way. Not only is this undesirable, it is potentially dangerous when carrying large breakable items such as mirrors or furniture. For both the child's (or pet's) safety, have somebody else watch them while you move.

    Follow these ten tips, and your move will proceed efficiently and successfully (for Las Vegas self storage)!

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